Monday, 2 December 2013

Peak Cycle Performance

Over the summer of 2013, Guy and Will approached me to look into different ways to improve the cohesion of the therapy rooms upstairs of Pearson Performance shop in Sheen with the Pearson CycleFit going on next door. I'm a Chiropractor with 20 years experience of running an very busy private practice and I jumped at the chance to combine two of my passions - cycling and healthcare.

So the concept of a therapy service team of chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists called Summit Wellbeing was born. I didn't want to stop there as I needed to link together clearly the concept of 'get the right fit' to 'get the right body', hence Peak Cycle Performance was created as a project that unites the Pearsons CycleFit with Summit Wellbeing to provide the one stop shop, all under the one roof, caring for all you physical cycling needs.

Summit Wellbeing is a private health clinic, not just for cyclists, with chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists helping you reach your peak of health and wellbeing. We've got Ricky Davis on board who is the lead clinician and chiropractor with heaps of sports specific training. He's also an Ironman triathlete, hence he understands the stresses cycling can place on the body. Doing the massage is Becky Lanigan, she is a fantastic massage therapist trained at the London School of massage and has loads of sports specific experience. She was on Le Trois Etape in 2013 as part of the massage support team for this grueling 3 day event. Lastly is James Vickers, a Physiotherapist who is just back from spending the whole summer with the NZ triathlon team in their base in the Pyrenees. It goes without saying that he understands the mechanics of the cyclist.

The Peak Cycle Performance concept looks to be expanding into not just the services of Pearsons Cyclefit, and Summit Wellbeing, but also physiological testing, blood profiling and training plan support. This truly makes Pearsons Performance the one stop shop for the cyclist.

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See you on the road...

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