Friday, 11 May 2012

Box Hill on a Palace

The new surface on Box Hill is certainly a sight to behold; it's just not something we are used to. Gone are the days when the strength sapping surface would take out every last bit of speed you had left in your legs, especially on the second hairpin. It's like the hill has been flattened off.

Guy is riding a Palace

I've fallen back in love with it having avoided it for so long and taken the parallel route of 'Little Switzerland' as my alternative way home after a gruelling ride in the Surrey Hills. This was the first day the road was open after resurfacing and the workman were continuing to resurface beyond the viewpoint at the top. When I got up to them I was greeted by an enormous cock and balls sprayed in white paint on to the freshly laid.

Cock & Balls
"I Love Olympics 2012"

I had to explain to the bewildered workman the habits of cycling fans and warned them that all of it would inevitably be covered in graffiti soon enough. I think at the time I even said that it was the shape of things to come! Fnarf fnarf. Popping into the iconic Cycles Dauphin for a chat I noticed white paint on Jim's arm...


The whole trip was great and was finished off by a thrilling draft and sprint past a lorry on the dual carriage way down towards Banstead traffic lights. The driver of a car that followed me told me that I'd hit 50 mph and he couldn't wait to tell his wife!

Words by Guy Pearson