Thursday, 9 February 2012

Your Dream Bike

So you've had your CycleFit (you have had your CycleFit, haven't you?) and your bike now fits you like a glove. Perfect. Or is it? No, not quite - it's still not YOUR bike, made just for YOU, finished the way YOU want it.

You see, when your bike fits like a glove and is a dream to ride, the next step is to make it a dream to own - that's the point where something 'off-the-peg' doesn't quite cut it, and that's where Guru come in.

Guru you say? Yes, not only "one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others" (thanks Wikipedia), but also a Canadian custom bicycle specialist turning out handmade steel, titanium and carbon bicycle frames of the highest calibre.

Your New Bike

Let's take our Sheen shop Guru 'Photon' show bike for starters - ten thousand pounds worth of bike with the highest level componentry. Without even trying to make it light it weighs in at only 5.8kg (just shy of 13lb in old money) yet it carries no weight limit, nor is it considered to be even remotely flexible. Change the £2000 Enve wheelset for something a bit cheaper, and lower the component level down to Force or Ultegra and for £6500 you could have an incredible bike that's still not UCI legal. Granted, that's still not 'cheap' per se, but considering that's with a full custom handmade carbon dream bike finished to your own geometry and colour scheme, it's great value - particularly when weighed up against the competition (think Cervelo, Parlee, Serotta and Seven). That is cheaper as a complete bike than the similarly-weighted Cervelo R5ca costs as a frameset alone!

Ti Perfection

But let's not forget there's also the steel 'Sidero' and titanium 'Praemio' options. Sure, they're not quite the featherweights that the Photon is, but then they're a different proposition anyway. Steel and Titanium offer very individual, special ride qualities; and treated well are both likely to serve as bikes for life. A price tag in the region of £4500 would get you a Praemio with an Ultegra or SRAM Force build running classy, classic handbuilt wheels - for full custom titanium of this quality that is beyond impressive. Somewhere around £3500 will get you a similar level of quality on the Sidero, and that's a full custom bike (again, to your geometry and colour) for the price of many high-end carbon framesets alone.

If you want to challenge the quality, style or passion of the Guru frames, just take a look at the elegant dropouts that the steel and Ti versions are endowed with...

It's a drop out

What's even more impressive is that Guru lead times are discussed in weeks, not months.

Full custom needn't be unobtainable - come and see our Guru range at the Sheen store and talk to us about getting your dream bike under way.

Words: Rich (The Bike Tart)

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