Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Pink Ladies

Last weekend the Pearson Pink Ladies treated themselves to a two day training camp hosted by the lovely Tanja Slater. The pro tri-athlete and cyclist, having placed 8th in the European Championships and signing a contract with team Raleigh-Lifeforce, now offers her consultation and training to develop other budding female athletes.

coffee consultation

Over the course of the weekend the Pink Ladies cruised around the roads of East Sheen, Richmond Park and the leafy Surrey lanes, learning new riding skills and techniques, while also doing some good, old-fashioned training. In-between they received in-depth advice and guidance from Tanja at our Pearson Performance, warming their hands with Mike’s expertly brewed Big Maggy’s coffee.

‘What was this all in aid of?’ You ask?. Well, the Pearson girls are forming a race team which will attend some of the top events around the country next year so keep your eyes peeled. They’ll be wearing the new Pearson ladies team kit which, if you’ve seen our bikes, won’t be hard to pick out from the pack.

The Green Stripe

For a firsthand account of the weekend, have a read of the club news.

Words - Guy