Thursday, 11 August 2011

The newest bike shop in the world...

Sheen is a leafy suburb in the London borough of Richmond, teeming with lawn tennis clubs, delicatessens and gastro pubs; your typical West London town, right? Well, upon its door step, behind the large, cast-iron gates lies the magnificent Richmond Park – West London’s cycling mecca. Basically, Sheen is a really great place to live, work and ride. But where is this going? Why am I singing the praises of a relatively small, sleepy town, and what’s more, why should you visit it? Allow me to explain:

Those lucky enough to inhabit Sheen may have noticed a rather dishevelled looking building upon the high street gradually becoming less so, as the summer months pass by. Preceding occupants' shop banners being gradually peeled away to reveal something paler and ‘pinker’ (Guy Pearson estimated that at least 90% of previous occupants were women’s clothing stores).

Moving Forward

At this point, you may be asking yourselves; "what wonders will fill this empty space?” Your puzzled thoughts can stop here, for we are happy to announce that Pearson Performance will be opening at 232 Upper Richmond Road West this autumn. After celebrating our 150th anniversary, Pearson has decided to bring something a little different to Sheen's cycling population.

Those acquainted with the shop will know that Pearson of Sutton has always been known for its friendly atmosphere, with many customers and staff becoming dear friends over the years having spent countless days chatting rubbish, guffawing and sipping novelty drinks. ‘How can we carry this jolly ambiance across’, we asked ourselves - quite simply, build a coffee bar in-house. Consequently, Pearson Performance won’t just be a shop, it will be a space for friends – old and new – and what we hope to be a pillar in the local cycling community.

Guy Takes the Reigns

We will, as always, be supplying you with some of the swiftest and most beautiful bicycles available on the market; however, you will also find some of the most exclusive international brands, from Ridley to Serotta. Flying the flag for Britain will be Pearson bikes. Come September, we will be releasing our new, 2012 collection of fine quality frames - designed by the Pearson brothers - with graphics fashioned by fashion moguls Timothy Everest and Tim Vogel-Downing. On our first floor, fully furnished Cyclefit studios and sports therapy rooms will provide you with completely tailored solutions for sports injuries; from finding and correcting your cycle position, to the treatment of any aches and pains suffered from any sport.

We will also carry a range of Brompton bicycles for those commuting/in need of a bicycle they can tuck under their bar stool; further demonstrating our dedication to this fabulous, British, folding bicycle.

Mamils Ahoy

Pearson looks to provide you with some spectacular, technical attire too. What more fitting for your custom Pearson than fine threads baring the Pearson name and designed by Mr Everest and Mr Vogel-Downing. Yes, that’s right; the beautiful new Pearson kit is set to drop shortly after the store opening.

Fear not dwellers of Sutton, you are not forgotten; 126 is still standing proud following last week’s shenanigans and will continue to provide and develop upon the 151 years’ worth famous service and character that has allowed us to bring you Pearson Performance.

Coming Soon

Written by Cameron

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Our Brompton Infatuation

After the success of our Brompton Bike Library scheme – as featured on BBC news - we’re hooked on these little, fold-away beauties. Shannon, our resident Rhodesian, has been so taken by them that he has decided to convert part of the shop into what seems to be a Brompton ‘public library’.

The Bushman’s love affair with the folding bicycle last came to a climax when he placed seventh in the Brompton World Championship on his very own, custom single speed. Thus, the intentions behind this venture remain somewhat unclear. Could this be a celebration of another traditional, British bike company with undertones of self-praise?

Regardless of the motives behind this recent development, Bromptons are fantastic. Whether you're trying to tailor the perfect commute or need something to tear it up between work and your regular watering hole, this is the choice for you. One wonders how many people were sitting at Victoria or Waterloo yesterday evening, wishing for an escape plan. In a local context; commuters who had their dreams of a traffic free trip to Worcester Park station dashed to pieces by the six month gas work project, now have a solution. Folding bikes are the only vehicle allowed on the train during the AM, peak-time slog, whilst also offering a fall-back plan in case you get caught out by subsidence or any other mild, natural disaster.

Workshop deputy and handyman extraordinaire, Trevor, has been working like a hound this week. After stripping down the BMX display that has being standing proud for the past decade, the inglorious slat-wall was next. Behind said objects we found a beautiful, century-old window with which also came a plethora of deceased spiders, dust and a few stale cigarette butts.

The display is almost complete and will encompass various Brompton models, accessories and a comfy stool and desk so you may rest your weary legs whilst filling out your Brompton order form. All of the Pearson staff will be able to demonstrate the speedy unfolding capabilities of the bikes as well as the glut of options and customisations available to you.

Drop by 126 High Street, Sutton to witness first-hand, the team's hard work.