Friday, 1 July 2011

Fast Freddy's New Bike

In the 70’s and early 80’s there was a Belgium rider that even the great Merkcx was scared of; known for his lightning fast sprint and all round class Freddy Maertens was The Man. Freddy won - or was close - in all the big races from the Classics through to the Grand Tours and he loved his bikes.

Credit: Velorunner

If Maertens was racing now, he would be riding a Ridley, and his bike would be the 2012 Noah FAST concept (Future Aero Speed Technology.). You see, Ridley and Maertens have the same philosophy when it comes to bikes, they want to go as fast as possible; once they’ve achieved that, they want to go even faster.

FAST CONCEPT TEASER from ridley-bikes on Vimeo.

Ridley is the quintessential Belgian bike company, but far from resting on all the tradition and lore of the pave, they are at the cutting edge of our sport, pushing the limits of what is possible. The Noah FAST is the cobble eating, game changing love child of the road going Ridley Noah and the TT crushing Dean.

The bike has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible using F-Splitfork technology on the forks and the seat stays, this guides the airflow away from the wheels and reduces drag, making you faster. Then there is the ground breaking new Carbon F-Brake which integrates the brake directly into the fork and seat stays, reducing drag, making you faster. According to extensive wind tunnel and road tests, the Carbon F-Brake saves 20 Watt compared with competitors’ bikes as well as reducing heart rate by 4%.

Finally, Ridley has conceived the F-Surface, a textured finish which disturbs airflow. This new surface reduces drag at an average of over 4%, allowing the frame to slip through the air like a hot sword into a well-greased scabbard, thus making you… faster.

Put it this way, if Fast Freddy doesn’t pick up his - can I have it please?

You better believe that Pearson will be the first dealer in the UK to have one of these bikes, but you better keep your eyes peeled as it will go out the door faster than it comes in; it is that FAST.

To pre-order yours, click here...

Written by Stuart

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