Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Beast

We’ve seen some pretty interesting electric bicycles in our time, but even the Powabyke Tricycle currently sitting in Trevor’s work-stand can't compete with this bizzare creation…

From the twisted imagination of M-55 comes The Beast. At 33kgs, the sheer mass of this bicycle isn’t its only heavy weight feature, as the price tag of $33,500 packs an equally hefty punch!

The Beast was conceived as a hybrid commuter bicycle... Built with Brembo (motorbike) breaks, Fox shocks and an array of control switches, The Beast is certainly a confused derivative of the 'hybrid' concept; it makes Frankenstein’s monster seem like a miracle birth.

However, with a top speed of 48mph and a range of 75 miles to roll you to and from the city tax free, who could turn it down? What's more, it has a faster charge time than your iPad! We think it's really great, although we would be more interested in sending it down the Fort William DH course this June.

The Beast’ Electric Bike at

The Beast at M55

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