Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cycle Show Hangover

Blurry Cycle Show

We've been in a little bit of a daze since since Cycle Show earlier in the month, hence the lack of blog updates, but things are slowly returning to normal and the blurry vision is all but gone. We thought we'd take this opportunity, though, whilst the events are still relatively fresh in our minds, to give you a quick run down of how the show went.

First and foremost, our competition to win "The Ride of Your Life", a chance to ride, for a month, one of our Pearson custom bikes that has been fitted precisely to your specifications, was a great success with hundreds of people entering. We're pleased to announce that Peter Mann has won the competition and we will be contacting him shortly to arrange the build of his dream machine.

We've also received a bit of attention in the cycling press about our stand and the bikes that we had on display, notably on Bike Radar and also on

Bike Radar paid a lot of attention to our newest addition to the range, the Kipper, a collaboration with Timothy Everest. You'll find their view of the Kipper at the bottom of the article. gave a broader summary of the bikes that we had on offer, commenting particularly on our Carbon Audax, a bike we're also very proud of. We would definitely dispute their assertion, though, that our claim to being the world's oldest bike shop at 150 years old meant that we were sitting on our hands for 35 years. Finding agreement on the infallible source that is Wikipedia, the bicycle's forerunner, the dandy horse was around long before Pearsons came into existence in 1860. If you keep this little bit of historical correction in mind, their article is well worth a read and you'll find the bit about us around 2/3 of the way down.

One more round of Alka-Seltzers and we should hopefully have shifted the worst of the Cycle Show hangover and normal service on the website/blog front should resume shortly.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Cycle Show 2010

It's that time of year again and we're gearing up for yet another cycle show, preparing the bikes and polishing the plinths. Seeing how it's also the 150th anniversary of Pearsons, we've lined up a great stand for this year's show.

We're bringing along a selection of our hand-built bikes, including our full carbon race, sportive, single speed, audax, cyclo cross and touring models. On top of that, we're running a competition to win a month's use of a Pearson bike of your choice, built to your specification. As if all that wasn't enough, we'll also be featuring our newest creation, the Pearson 'Kipper', a collaboration with bespoke tailor, Timothy Everest. It's named after an old Saville Row nickname for a tailoress, honest, we haven't just developed a weird interest in fish!

Now I know that the Pearson stand is all you're really interested in seeing, but in case it's so rammed that you can't get anywhere close, here are some of the other things at the show to help pass the time while you wait for a lull at our stand:

Commuter test track – a chance to test ride a wide range of road and hybrid bikes, including a number of our bikes.

Tirol/Dare 2b Mountain Bike Experience – yep, they've actually built an indoor off-road course for you to try out mountain bikes from loads of top brands. They've even provided Austria’s national team coach, Kurt Exenberger, to give expert coaching sessions.

Rock 'n' Roll Bike's Street Jam – three times a day, 16 professionals will battle it out, performing amazing aerial stunts.

For the lady cyclists among you, or the bike widows dragged to the show, Debbie Burton - the founder of minx-girl - and Jenn Hopkins, 24-hour solo rider and Great Divide Race competitor, will be answering your questions. Whether it's style tips or equipment advice, these two are sure point you in the right direction.

The cycle show runs from Thursday 7th October (trade and press preview day only) until Sunday 10th October, open to the public from 10am to 6pm (5pm on the Sunday). If you'd like tickets to the show, you can get advance tickets here. You can find us at stand D24, or just look out for where the crowds are heaviest.